Van Delft Kruidnoten 200g

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Kruidnoten are tiny little biscuits with the same Speculaas flavour as the Windmill Cookie. Kruidnoten is commonly referred to as Pepernoten, however pepernoten traditionally is Anise flavoured, not speculaas flavoured. Kruidnoten is 10 to 1 more popular than pepernoten, perhaps more. Pepernoten is the more traditional product, and Kruidnoten is a more modern product. The story on kruidnoten/pepernoten goes on December 5th children put their wooden shoe outside their door. Sinterklaas comes by with his helper and the you have been good, you get pepernoten/kruidnoten and a chocolate initial. If you have been bad, you get a lump of coal. Sinterklaas is celebrated on December 6th.